Little Black Book: Jonathan Adler

Lane Crawford, Hong Kong
The most chic luxury store in the world. Hong Kong is bananas, and Lane Crawford – especially the flagship store in IFC Mall – is an oasis of glamour in the madness.

Jump The Gun, Brighton
I love this shop. It’s the grooviest Mod shop on earth, it’s based in Brighton and I always make a pilgrimage when I’m in England. Its JTG Merino Crew jumper is the best garment around.

Babington House, Somerset
Religiously I’m agnostic (leaning towards atheism), but Babington kinda makes me believe in God. Nowhere as perfect could exist without a higher power. It’s heaven on earth. Amen.

Babington’s, Rome
I know it looks as if I only go to places called Babington, but I love this genteel English teashop, which seems frozen in the 1940s. It should feel like a theme park, but it’s cool and you can get a fab scone. So go to Babbers – but prepare for a bracing bill.

Paul Smith, London W11
No one does irreverent British luxury like Paul Smith: his Westbourne House shop is a gem. I opened my store round the corner to have an excuse to pop in.

Kuhl-Linscomb, Houston
A visionary megaplex of home-furnishing stores. People make pilgrimages to the Rothko Chapel in Houston but I’d say this is a more powerful spiritual experience.

Fortnum & Mason, London SW1
Twee and touristy (I know, I know), but it’s still fabulous. I marvel at the majesty of the displays. Fortnum’s makes everything so wantable, and the packaging is inspiring.

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